Orthopaedic Rehab

After a referral from your attending orthopaedic surgeon or traumatologist we will start your revalidation with an intake interview. We then measure your physical loadability level by means of a human movement research. In consultation with the patient we set up a treatment plan and schedule of 4 to 6 weeks. After this schedule a measuring time will take place to adjust the intensity and frequency of your treatment plan according to the status of your recovery. In many cases complaints come forward or even intensify if there is an imbalance between your physical loadability level and the actual loadability, during short or longer periods. We encourage an active setting which is the best guarantee for good lasting results.

We distinguish between three stages of recovery:

CREATE SPACE: optimize the conditions for recovery (of tissue)
FILL SPACE: improve flexibility, strength and coordination in a situation of a lowered loadability level
USE SPACE: transfer to faster, more functional and heavier human movement situations

The final objective of the orthopaedic revalidation is to optimize your physical loadability level at home, at work or in exercise and sports.