Podo-postural Therapy

Podo-postural therapy is an active therapy to correct your body posture by application of insoles. Its effect differs significantly from correction by means of arch support, which only provides correction in a passive way. The podo-postural therapy is based on the principle that every deviation of the posture of feet and ankles can result in a (dynamic) misalignment of the upper part of the body. In reverse a misalignment in the back can cause a deviation of the posture of the feet which could lead to a variety of complaints. After the application of the insoles you might suffer from slight muscle pain. This is because your musculoskeletal system needs some time to adjust. It is important to come back for control after the application of the insoles. You’re advised to make two more appointments in the first year after the application. After the first year a single control each year suffices. If the body posture has improved and the complaints disappear, your insoles might even be removed in consultation with your therapist.