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Jan Heus, Charley Heus and Dick Jan Wassink started their practice for sport revalidation at the Roelof Hartplein in May 1992. Our ambition was, and still is, to provide patients and athletes optimal guidance with a Total Body Treatment concept. This concept means that we don’t just give you the most adequate treatment of a physical complaint, but also search for the origin of the complaint to prevent recidives. Furthermore there will be ample attention during the treatment to the functioning of the body as a whole. This means we advise in a broad field including training, dietetics, podo-postural inlays and guidance in case of a second opinion.



Five locations in three different cities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a medical referral when you visit us for a first consultation. However this only applies in case of short term non-chronological treatment indication. If you are 18 or older you need a referral from your attending specialist if there is an indication for a prolonged or chronological treatment. Treatment at your home is only compensated by your insurance company if this is advised in a referral given out by your doctor or specialist.

At the first consultation we ask you to show a valid ID.

What are the rates for a treatment?

€ 47.50 (incl. 0% VAT) per 45 min.

€ 37.50 (incl. 0% VAT) per 25 min.

€ 15.50 (incl. 0% VAT) for the first consult, max. 15 min.

€ 15.50 (incl. 0% VAT) per 15 min.

Min. € 15.00 (incl. 0% VAT) no-show rate if appointments aren’t cancelled within 24 hours.

€ 41.50 (incl. 0% VAT) per 25 min.

30 minutes: € 35,00
60 minutes: € 65,00
90 minutes: € 85,00

Become a VIP-member after five treatments within six months and pay less: € 55,00 per 60 minutes.

5-ride card = 20% off
(valid for a maximum 1 year)
30 minutes: € 140,00 in lieu of € 175,00
60 minutes: € 260,00 in lieu of € 325,00
90 minutes: € 340,00 in lieu of € 425,00

10-ride card = 25% off
(valid for a maximum 1 year)
30 minutes: €262,50 in lieu of € 350,00
60 minutes: €487,50 in lieu of €650,00
90 minutes: €637,50 in lieu of €850,00

Which costs are covered by my insurance company?


If you have a referral from your doctor or medical specialist, you have BMI between 25 and 30 and also suffer from COPD or cardiovascular complaints, a basic Insurance policy compensates a maximum of 3 hours of dietary advice. You can count on the same compensation if you have a medical referral and a BMI above 30, without risk factors like COPD or cardiovascular complaints.


J&C Sportrevalidatie has permanent treatment contracts with all Dutch health insurance companies. Because of this we can almost always declare the costs of physiotherapy  treatment directly to you insurance company. You can find more information about declarations on Zorgwijzer.nl.

Manual Therapy

The number of treatments that will be compensated by your health Insurance company is limited by the supplements of your insurance package. If you are 18 or younger compensation for manual therapy is part of the basic compensation. Without supplementary insurance you receive the bill yourself.


In case of untimely cancelled appointments  – at last 24 hours in advance – the bill will be sent to you and not to your insurance company.

How does J&C Sportrevalidatie guarantee the quality of a treatment?

All physiotherapists of J&C Sportrevalidatie are members of the Central Quality Register for Physical Therapy by the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF). This organization controls the professional quality of our work and sees to it that our treatments are executed according to official directives of physiotherapy treatment in the Netherlands.

All associates at J&C Sportrevalidatie abide by the Medical Treatment Agreements Act (WGBO), Individual Health Care Professional Act (BIG) and the Medical Disciplinary Law.

After we have closed your treatment file your insurance company might send you a customer satisfaction report form which you can fill in (not obligatory). This report can be supportive in keeping the physiotherapy care affordable and testable.

How can I express my appreciation for my treatment at J&C Sportrevalidatie?

The website Zorgkaart Nederland (Dutch only) gives you the opportunity to give your opinion about the quality of the treatment you have experienced at J&C Sportrevalidatie. Fill in the zipcode of our practice and the name of the therapist who has treated you and you can express your appreciation by giving ratings to items like appointments, accommodation, quality of information and result of treatment.

Which actions can I take if I’m not satisfied with my treatment?

If you have a complaint about your treatment at J&C Sportrevalidatie, we urge you to share this with your therapist immediately, in order to clear any misunderstandings or solve problems by mutual consent. The team at J&C Sportrevalidatie will do its utmost to provide you with treatment and guidance to your complete satisfaction.

If you still feel dissatisfied you can always address the complaints procedure of our trade organisation:

P.O. Box 248
3800 AE Amersfoort
The Netherlands

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